e-stado® is a manufacturer
of innovative technologies

We specialize in providing reliable information about your cow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are an expert in the field of precision farming. We support a modern farmer. We make modern technology improve the efficiency of breeding as well as financial indicators, and thus increase the efficiency of the entire farm and the breeder’s satisfaction. We care for the welfare of dairy cows. We educate farmers in the field of modern technologies.

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Comparison of monitoring systems functions for dairy cows

e-stado® works for you all year.
Activity meters work for you 2-3 months per year.

Advantages of the
e-stado® system

Important information about your herd on one screen 24/7

You do not need to analyze all charts every day. The system monitors the behavior of each animal in your herd, and sends an SMS concerning sudden events.

Simple assembly and system usage at every cowshed

Simple use in the environment of all cowsheds, including stables. Always
up-to-date software. No computer in the cowshed.

Professional customer service

Assistance at the implementation stage – dedicated factual, information, and technical support. The possibility of constant support in the breeding process.

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