We are an european company
with a global reach

We come from the telecommunications industry, but we were always fascinated by modern technology and its impact on our development in various areas of life. At some point, we decided to combine the two and that’s how the e-stado® project came to life.

We are a Polish company that has achieved a global reach in a short time. Creating the e-stado® system we’ve set one goal – to show that technology can play a huge role in solving important problems in agriculture and significantly affect the welfare of farm animals around the world. We deeply believe in it and this idea has guided us since the beginning of our activity.

We provide information
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The population around the world is growing faster than ever. In such a situation, meeting the growing demand for food will be a huge challenge for the agricultural sector. In turn, this will encourage breeders to increase productivity while maintaining food safety and quality. Animal welfare, which already encourages farmers to introduce new breeding solutions, constitutes an extremely important element of this process.

In our opinion, modern technology is the future, also in agriculture. Therefore, in response to the problems farmers face today, we’ve created the e-stado® system – an innovative system for monitoring dairy cows. In short – we are an expert in the field of precision farming. We specialize in providing reliable information about your cow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We support
a modern breeder

We want to improve the quality of a farmer’s work, and support in creating a comfortable work environment. We are positive that the e-stado® system has a positive impact on improving the efficiency of dairy cow farms. Our solutions help to avoid hazards and increase the efficiency of breeding. As a result, the efficiency of the entire farm grows.

The welfare of the herd is a priority for us. We believe that dignified breeding conditions and continuous observation of animals currently constitutes the base. e-stado® allows detecting an estrous, monitoring cow’s health, calving, body temperature, or standard activities (rumination time, inactivity). Taking advantage of the solutions provided by e-stado®, the farmer receives current and reliable information concerning the herd. This means that it is possible to react immediately to unexpected situations, detect dairy cow diseases early and prevent their development, reduce heat stress, and optimize the photoperiod . Thanks to this, it fully cares for the welfare of your heard.

Values and mission

We support the farmer in his or her daily activities. We provide knowledge that improves the quality of work and the efficiency of the entire farm. We implement modern technological and IT solutions in agriculture, helping farmers around the world to take care of animal welfare.

We combine agriculture with modern technology

We create and implement innovative technological solutions for breeding dairy cows. They allow for constant observation and obtaining information concerning each cow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make modern technology improve the efficiency of breeding as well as financial indicators, and thus increase the efficiency of the entire farm and the breeder’s satisfaction. We successfully introduce modern technology to the agricultural sector.

We provide farmers with comprehensive information support

We care for the farmer’s wellbeing and time, providing reliable and comprehensive information about the herd. Our system provides the farmer with knowledge that allows to react quickly to alarming signals, prevent the development of diseases dangerous for dairy cows, reduce heat stress, and increase milk production. Information obtained with the use of the e-stado® system makes it easier for the farmer to reduce losses, optimize costs, and increase profits of the farm.

We care for the welfare of dairy cows.

Animal welfare constitutes the future of the agricultural sector. It is closely related with the cows’ health, fertility, productivity, and longevity. All factors directly affect the economic results of the farm. The e-stado® system has been designed to provide the necessary information concerning the health and wellbeing of cows, as well as their reproductive cycle.

We educate farmers in the field of modern technologies

We undertake actions that aim to raise awareness among farmers concerning the use of modern technologies in animal farming. We show their positive impact on a farm’s daily functioning. We educate on how to improve precision farming parameters, increase the productivity of farms, and optimize its costs by having knowledge provided by the e-stado® system, while at the same time caring for animal welfare.