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Monitoring system for dairy herds

What is the e-stado?

e-stado is monitoring system of dairy herds.
e-stado contains following functions: health monitoring, oestrus cycle, AI and calving alerts. It's non-invasive and safe to use, based on a maintenance-free biosensor (ear tags) installed in an animal's ear.

e-stado is monitoring both individual animals and whole herds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
e-stado provides real time information to You, your herd advisor or vet.

How does the e-stado work

We install the equipment that monitors
your herd

The sensors are non-invasive and safe to use

The e-stado system monitors your herd and the environment of a cowshed for 24/7

The system collects, analyses data and generates conclusions

You receive real time information about the each individual animal, whole herd and the cowshed environment.

You receive an access to the website application and the SMS notification about the emergencies.

Learn the benefits of the e-stado system

Feel at ease

Monitor your herd from any place in the world, also through SMS

Thanks to the e-stado, you can monitor a herd through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Control the insemination

Detect the estrous , specify the time of insemination and monitor the history of detected cycles.

Thanks to the e-stado, you will shorten the calving interval from 440 to 390 days

Monitor the health of your herd

Monitor the health, temperature, and the rumination

Thanks to monitoring of the health and nourishment, you will lower the costs of medical treatment and culling.

Increase the safety of calving

Monitoring of the upcoming calving

Thanks to the e-stado you will know in advance about the time of calving.

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